Otis x Thiemeloods | Freedom for Iran (ENG)

26-02-2023 @ 20:00 – 22:00
10,00 | 15,00

After the brutal death of Mahsa Amini Iranian have been fighting for almost three months in the streets of Iran and risking their lives. The Islamic Republic is trying to brutally suppress this call for freedom by killing people in the streets and executing prisoners. Still protests in Iran are not slowing down and it’s turning to a women’s revolution. This evening we zoom in on how it is to live as a woman in Iran during these protests but also under the regime of Islamic Republic. We listen to personal stories from women of 3 different generations in Iran to understand how their fight was carried through generations and resulted in ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’. We also watch video letters of Iranian women on how it is at the moment in Iran for them. The evening is guided by beautiful music and closes with the opportunity to ask your questions.


This event is developed by Niloofar Azimian.

Niloofar Azimian is a documentary filmmaker from Iran, she has made two documentary movies in Iran, the first one is a self representative, ego documentary movie, focusing on the concept of solitude, the second one focuses on the circle of domestic violence against women in Iran. At the moment she is organizing events “Freedom for Iran” in different places in the Netherlands.

Nafiss Nia is an Iranian-Dutch filmmaker, poet, cultural entrepreneur and public speaker. Nafiss is also the director of Granate Foundation inAmsterdam and in that capacity produces programs such as Words That Matter, The Poetry on the sidewalk and ‘How do you dance a poem’.

More speakers to be announced

Genre: Storytelling, Lecture
Start: 20:00
Horeca open: 19:30
Duration: approximately 120 minutes + break
Language: English
Tickets VVK: Regulier €15,00 + admin / CJP-Student €10,00 + admin
Tickets ADD: €17,50

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