ROOM 168 | Storytelling Festival Nijmegen

17-12-2022 @ 20:00 – 21:00
10,00 | 15,00

ROOM 168  | Celine Vermeulen (ENG) 

Do you know if you are spending your time wisely?

There is nothing more valuable than time. Every one of us only gets a finite amount of it until it’s gone forever. How do you know if you are spending this time wisely? How do you know if you are living life in the right way? A 25-year-old woman comes to terms with not being a kid anymore while navigating the struggles of adult life. Bouncing back and forth between a quarter-life crisis, an endless to-do list and a bunch of what-ifs, she tries to figure out what really matters in life.

Is she able to tame the demons in her head or will she remain stuck in the past forever? 

Jamie Huisman is a recently graduated theater maker. Her creations are often centered around major essential themes. Her stories are raw, but because of their accessibility, she gives you a glimpse into worlds, thoughts and fears that do not always come to the light.

Céline Vermeulen is an actress and theater maker originally from Flanders, Belgium. She is currently studying Drama and Contemporary Music Theater at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam. Before she started acting school, she obtained a masters degree in English literature and Intermediality at the Free University of Brussels. At the beginning of 2022 she created her first solo show in Dutch called “BUSTED”, which she has performed in theaters in Belgium and The Netherlands.



Concept: Jamie Huisman & Céline Vermeulen

Director: Jamie Huisman

Performer & text: Céline Vermeulen

Special thanks to: Mezrab Storytelling School, Raphael Rodan & The Academy of Theater and Dance.


Genre: Storytelling
Start: 20:00
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English
Tickets VVK: Regulier €15,00+ admin / CJP-Student €10,00 + admin
Tickets ADD: €17,50
Day tickets: €20,00


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