Otis x Thiemeloods | Shah Tabibi – The Shah of Holland
okt 31 @ 20:00 – 21:30

The Shah of Holland is about a child in an Afghan house with a Dutch view. Through his personal stories and authentic entertainment, Shah discusses current and provocative themes on stage. In doing so, he provides insight into the cultural challenges between Western and Eastern ideals within Dutch society. The magical musical exchange between the Guitar and the Rubab brings the performance to a fairytale experience.

As a young boy, Shah left a war zone and became a man on peaceful soil. Shah Tabibi, Afghan by birth, was brought to the Netherlands by his parents when he was four. His first memories are those from his time in the Asylum Seekers Center. Twenty years later and now a storyteller, lecturer, and Psychologist (MSc), he has yet to learn to stand still. This is Shah’s life in a nutshell, but there is much more to tell. Through his stories, he brings the audience into the world of a little boy who rediscovers his entire environment. He shines his light on Dutch traditions through the eyes of a child, often with surprise, and always with humor and compassion.

He tells his story accompanied by musicians Niek Hoevenaars & Nabil Mani and attempts to answer the question: what makes us the person we become?

Aanvang: 20:00 uur
Inloop: vanaf 19:30 uur
Tickets: € 15,00

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Shah Tabibi The Shah of Holland

Kleinetheaterpact | Betal Özay & Farah Coppola “BIOPOWER” (EN)
nov 14 @ 20:00 – 21:00

A COVID Certificate is mandatory for this show. Make sure you have a valid QR code, don’t forget your ID and check the app before your visit!

“Let’s be that perfect couple that everybody hates!”

Meet the perfect couple. Sophie is a lawyer with a never ending insomnia and Francesco is a Tinder addict who lost his erection. They both end up in India to find a cure but what they find instead is a miracle. Now they want to share their inspiring journey with the audience. But some things shouldn’t be shared…

BioPower is an intimate storytelling performance which unveils the beautiful moments but also the darker struggles of a relationship. It’s a labyrinth within a labyrinth style performance. While two storytellers act out the ideal couple, their relationship on stage is strongly tested.

Farah Coppola was born in Sicily to a Sicilian father and a French mother. She ended up in the land of Dutchies at the age of ten. She kept her Italian taste in food, her French sense of romance and adopted Dutch punctuality. She fell in love with stories as a little girl. Her mom used to make up stories every night before bedtime. Later in life she rediscovered this lost love and embraced it with full force. A feeling so strong that made her quit pursuing a career in European Politics. She completed the Mezrab Storytelling School in 2021. Farah opens up about the divine comedy drama of her life-bloopers, her family and strange encounters. Farah’s style is a combination of Southern European temperament and Northern European logic. She has an open and energetic demeanor and always leaves you with something to contemplate.

Betal Özay had been telling stories or lies (depending on your perspective) at the courthouses as a lawyer but he had enough of that. So he found a way out. The movie that he wrapped together with his sister became a box-office hit in Turkey. He became curious about what it feels like to be at the center of attraction on stage so he attended Mezrab Storytelling School in 2020. Betal likes to peel off all himself in front of the audiences about being a lawyer with weird cases, a movie-maker life dealing with celebrities, a citizen of a failing country, a husband who does not have a stable income. He definitely did not expect to celebrate his 40th birthday, getting drunk under Covid-19 lockdown talking to his family through Zoom. So what’s next?

Directed by: Raphael Rodan
Performed by: Farah Coppola and Betal Özay
Written by: Raphael Rodan, Farah Coppola and Betal Özay
Music supervised by: Ahmet Kenan Bilgic
Lights plan by: Mirko Lazović
Photos: Anne van Zantwijk